Ace2three Referral Code – Refer & Earn Rs.12000 | Apk Download


Ace2three Rummy Referral Code, Ace2Three Apk Download, Ace2Three Referral Code, Ace2Three App Download Referral Code – Welcome to the world of Yourstrick, where you will find your all tricks and deals, with earning methods in unique ways. Hope you all guys love our recent loot of ludo Supreme gold Paytm Earning App and Khel91 new gaming app.

Today we are going to tell you about one of the popular Rummy gaming app Ace2three. If you are lover of playing card game and rummy and also want to earn money by playing game then Ace2Threeapp is one of the best choice to earn free Paytm cash. Download the Ace2three apk and explore the real gaming platform. Here you will play rummy and for this you will get instant reward on each winning game.

Ace2three Referral Code - Refer & Earn Rs.12000 | Apk Download

Ace2Three app is a gaming platform of earning such as fantasy game and other card game. Were you can earn free Paytm cash rewards by playing the different games. Since this app is more popular and trustable so it’s secure and there’s no any through competition then you have a great opportunity to earn unlimited money. It was totally based on the “Indulge in the game & master the skill”, is the foundation of 13 card games. Thus in it you have to create a valid sets of 13 cards and its the major principle of Indian Rummy

Ace2three Referral Code - Refer & Earn Rs.12000 | Apk Download

So guys, Download Ace2three rummy app and use our Ace2three Refferal Code – R0IHCN on signup and get Rs 50 in your Ace2three wallet instantly. Moreover you can also earn by Refer on Ace2three apk, So don’t miss the chance and Signup on ace2three rummy app by referral code or referral link and grab ₹50 wallet cash now. Also earn upto rs 1500 per refer by successful login by applying your referral code and adding minimum Rs 100 in rummy account.

AboutAbout Ace2Three

Three is proud to be India’s First Online Rummy portal, allowing Indians to play Rummy Online on the computer or mobile over the internet. Ace2three is on a mission to promote Rummy as a professional game and create a community of skilled gamers such as fantasy game.

Ace2Three Rummy the world’s popular draw & discard card games, is based on the matching cards of the same rank or sequence and same unit. Two kinds of sets are possible: a run of consecutive suited cards, and three or four of a kind. The basic requirement for winning a hand is at least two sequences, one of which must be “pure”, i.e., made without any jokers.

Ace2three Referral Code - Refer & Earn Rs.12000 | Apk Download

More than 10 million players have used this app and loved Ace2three apk. Ace2three is the Most Trusted Rummy Portal as because it is offered by Head infotech India pvt. Ltd. which is a trustable and a verified company. So today in this post, we will cover Ace2three Apk Download 2020 and many more topics.

Some Key Fe>Some Key Feature Of Ace2three App

dia’s First Online Rummy Portal and approx millions of people play daily ace2threerummy.
  • Simple and easy to learn, smooth game play and the with a good graphic experience.
  • Highest standards of security are maintained at beacause its offered by infotech India pvt ltd.
  • Every move of the player is tracked through anti-fraud algorithms so its allow a fair game.
  • Ace2three refer and earn program are available.
  • Good customer support and feedback policy.
  • On adding cash get extra bonus.

  • Download Ace2>Download Ace2Three apk & Get Rs.50

    o download the apk file of Ace2Three Rummy click here to download.
  • 2.After it open the Ace2Three download file and install it.
  • 3.Now android System will ask about giving permission, Give Access and allow all the permission .
  • 4. Then start your registration process and play the game.

  • How To Signup>How To Signup On Ace2Three App?

    irst of all open the downloaded app of ace2three.
  • 2. Now open the app and you will get sign up option.
  • 3.You will get ‘have a referral code? ‘ simply click on it and enter the referral code
  • Ace2Three Referral Code R0IHCN

    Ace2three Referral Code - Refer & Earn Rs.12000 | Apk Download

    • 4.Now verify your mobile number linked to Paytm and get Rs 50 in your wallet instantly.
    • 5.Finally your Ace2three account is successful registered, now open it and play.

    How To Play O>How To Play On Ace2Three Rummy App?

    a variety of rummy games offered by Ace2Three to match your playing style. You can choose among 2 or 6 player tables, joker or no joker variations and tables that offer different entry amounts.So whatever the player want they may chose to play. Online Rummy Games offered by Ace2Three are as follows:

    • 1.Points Rummy is the fastest form of Rummy card game where the game lasts just one round. Post each game, the winner gets the chips from all the other players depending on count and entry value.
    • 2.Pool Games: A very popular format of rummy also known as syndicate, where the least scoring player in the games wins. “101 pool”, “201 pool” and “Best of Three” are the most preferred online rummy games at Ace2Three.
    • 3.Deals Rummy : here you get 2/3 rounds or “deals” are played between 2 players. The player with the lesser count at the end of 2/3 deals is the winner.
    • 4.Gun Shot : a format where the game lasts for only one deal with no middle drop and time banks. This game can be played among 2-6 players. Winning Amount at the end of each game = (Total amount other players lost) + Winner’s entry-amount – Ace2three Commission.
    • 5.Multi Table Tournaments : Multi Table Tournament is a format that invites large numbers of rummy card game players to compete against each other.

    Ace2Three Rummy Online Tourname>Ace2Three Rummy Online Tournaments :-

    mily: ars-maquette-web,proxima-nova,sans-serif; font-size: 16px; font-style: normal; font-weight: 400; letter-spacing: normal; text-transform: none; float: none; text-align: left;">Cash Tournaments – Held daily, entry fees range from Rs. 3 to Rs. 100. Players can join in these tournaments using their real chips balance.
  • 2 Ace2three tournament – in which you can join through ace2three points and win cash prizes. It’s held between 12pm to 6pm and buy in range is rs 50 to 100. It’s played between 200 player and 20 player get massive cash rewards.
  • 3.Beginner Tournaments – Best for beginners entering the competitive format. For a period of 15 days only from account sign-up, beginner tournaments are free to enter and winners get Rs. 6000 as prizes each day. The tournament has a daily schedule but at specific times.
  • 4.Special event Tournaments – These come and go based on special days. For instance, currently, Ace2Three is hosting a ‘Freedom Tourney’ with the first prize at Rs.30 Lakhs.

  • How To add cash In Ace2three Rummy >How To add cash In Ace2three Rummy App?

    hboard you get cash option. Tap on add icon (+) on of cash section.
  • 2.Now enter the amount as per your choice and tab and continue.
  • Ace2three Referral Code - Refer & Earn Rs.12000 | Apk Download

    • 3. After that choose your preferable payment option and pay from it.
    • 4. The cash will be added to your wallet instantly while payment is completed from your account.

    How To Redeem In Ace2Three Account?>How To Redeem In Ace2Three Account?

    p left side of dashboard you get profile section.
  • 2.Tap on profile option to open it.
  • 3.Now here you will get reedem option, open it.
  • 4.Then enter amount to withdraw and tab on continue option.
  • Note: only winning amount can be withdraw.

    • 5. After that choose your desired source to get the money and complete the cash withdrawing process.

    How To Earn From Ace2three Rummy Ap>How To Earn From Ace2three Rummy Apk?

    ournaments and games like gunshot.
  • 2.By refer and earn to your friend and family.
  • 3.You can earn by adding cash by come bonus offer and by which you will get extra cash in your wallet.

  • How TO Refer And Earn On Ace2three >How TO Refer And Earn On Ace2three App?

    and get rewarded up to Rs. 15000 for every refer. Once your friend becomes part of our ace2three apk, Add a minimum of Rs. 100 and starts playing, you can get a reward of up to Rs. 15000 as referral bonus. Your friend just needs to put your referral code while signup the Ace2three rummy. You can use our Ace2Three Referral code R0IHCNa

    Ace2three Referral Code - Refer & Earn Rs.12000 | Apk Download

    • 1 First click on option section from middle.
    • 2.You will get refer and earn option,open it.
    • 3.Now share your refer code from any social site.

    Ace2three Referral Code - Refer & Earn Rs.12000 | Apk Download

    • 4. You can earn Upto Rs. 12000 on each Referral.

    How To Complete Your Kyc of Ace2Thr>How To Complete Your Kyc of Ace2Three Account?

    e ace2three apk.
  • 2. Now on the top left side click on the profile section.
  • 3. You will get kyc option tab on it.
  • 4.Now enter all the details and upload the supporting document for to complete the kyc.
  • 5. Then your kyc is completed within 72 hr of working day.

  • Term and condition Of Ace2Three App>Term and condition Of Ace2Three App

    0px;"> You can invite your friends via email/sms/social channels from our platform or by sharing your referral code. When your friend registers, he/she will receive a special gift voucher and on adding money he will get extra bonus.

  • Once your friend makes his/her first cash addition, you will be eligible to a bonus based on your ace level.
    • After your friend starts playing on Ace2three,then you will get a share of the amount that your friend spends by playing on Ace2three. This bonus will be released to your account as a daily bonus every time your friends play.

    • Offer is valid only if your friend adds cash within 90 days of registration. Maximum duration to receive bonus against a referral is 180 days from his/her first cash addition date.

    • You have to complete your kyc of your account
    • No uneligible process or froud way may lead to lock your account.

    Conclusion On Ace2three Rummy AppConclusion On Ace2three Rummy App

    onclude for playing card game like rummy or poker. It also provides you starting signup bonus and tutorial video for how to play it, so it better platform to play and win. This app is providing best features, graphic and withdrawal process are instant. Its offered by trusted site so it secure your data and details. So lastly I suggested you must play and enjoy the app so as you may earn more and more.


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