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Hi Guys, Welcome to the world of Yourstrick, where you will find your all tricks and deals, with earning methods in unique ways. I hope You Are Enjoying our Free PayTM Cash Tricks, amazon pay offers. Here is One More Verified Gaming App From Which You Can Win Daily Money & Redeem Directly Into PayTM Wallet.  If you are a gaming lover and also want to earn money by playing game then FunnEarn app is one of the best choice to earn free Paytm cash. Download the FunnEarn app and explore the real gaming platform. You will earn money easily on FunnEarn app as their is less competition in the app as of now.

Enter FunnEarn Referral CodeUDUFTM  and get 50 lives on sign up. FunnEarn app also runs a refer & earn program where you will get 20 lives for sharing Funnearn Referral Code to your friends and family. Read the article carefully to the end & get free cash from this fantastic app.

In this post, we will discuss in details about FunnEarn Apk Download, About FunnEarn, Funnearn Game Types, How to Register with FunnEarn Referral Code and How to withdraw money from FunnEarn App.

FunnEarn Apk Download :

Apk DownloadClick Here
FunnEarn Referral CodeUDUFTM
Signup Reward50 Lives
Referral Reward20 Lives

About FunnEarn App :

Funnearn is a gaming application available for Android and iOS. The game allows users to play contests every 1 minute and win cash. Explore the app today. Funnearn makes earning money without doing many efforts. The app offers rewards in terms of instant cash or Paytm money. All the games are so easy and interesting to play that it becomes a no brainer to earn free money. Funnearn is all about showing your skills in different games and earning. Be the first one to score the maximum points than your opponent and you win all the money. Period. It’s that simple.

Funnearn Game Types :

1. Funnearn 1 on 1 Battle

The Funnearn 1 on 1 battle gives an option to choose the game and contest ticket size. Once you’ve chosen the game and ticket size from the available ones, the system finds a suitable opponent. The AI-driven algorithm ensures that it finds the best match possible for the player based on their current gaming level. Based on the chosen contest ticket size, the winner of the 1 on 1 battle can double their money. Declaration of the winner of the game happens within a few seconds after the game score submission.

There are many interesting games where you can challenge anyone to play in Funnearn 1 on 1 battle and win instant cash or Paytm money through the app.

FunnEarn Referral Code | FunnEarn App Download

2. Funnearn Carnival

Only a fixed number of players can participate in the carnivals. Everyone who plays the games registers a score to the best of their abilities. Unlike the Funnearn 1 on 1 battle, declaration of the winner of a Funnearn Carnival happens post completion of the respective carnival. The top scorer then wins the money.

There are multiple Funnearn Carnivals in a day and usually start every hour. Even though the maximum limit on the number of players to enter a carnival is set, the game can even start if there is a lower number of participants. Apart from the free carnivals, other carnivals run all day long.

Funnearn offers you some of the easiest games to play offering you a chance to make instant cash or Paytm money. Apart from the games in the Funnearn 1 on 1 battle, here’s a never-ending list of the games that you can play in the Funnearn Carnival and double your money.

  • Chipper- Crush the ants and gain points
  • Ascendy- Choose numbers based on the colors they appear in. If they appear in green, then choose numbers in ascending order, whereas if they appear in red then choose them in descending order
  • Zeenos- Add or subtract the 2 numbers that appear and choose the answer from 2 options. The faster you answer, the more points you get
  • The Slayer- Grab the money by dodging the guillotine
  • Splashy- think you have a good memory, then answer whether the previous color was the same as the one on the screen or not
  • Aron- Out of a given grid of colors on one side of the screen, choose which one matches the one appearing on the other half of the screen
  • Helios- Choose the matching icons
  • I.P.L- Displayed on the screen are a few numbers. The numbers are hidden after 2 seconds and the user has to tap the numbers in ascending order
  • Hunt Down- Shoot down the moving boxes with a gun. The more the merrier
  • Breezy- Fly across pipes without hitting them
  • Toggler- Pass through the right colour shapes
  • Fiona- Jump platforms without getting killed
  • Yasmin- Select similar shaped balls together. Similar to candy crush, but this one earns money for you
FunnEarn Referral Code | FunnEarn App Download

3. Funnearn Bumper

This is an open-ended competition where any number of players can participate. These offer bigger winnings than the usual competitions like Funnearn 1 on 1 battle or the Funnearn carnival. This section of the competition lasts for 24 hours; 09:30 pm to 09:30 pm. A new competition starts every day.

Declaration of the winners for the tournament take place in 10–15 seconds post the completion of the tournament (which lasts 24 hours) and submission of their game score. The Funnearn bumper offers bigger winnings in comparison to the Funnearn 1 on 1 battle or the Funnearn carnival.

These games give you a chance to double your money in just 60 seconds! So, what are you waiting for? Come, play, and earn khel khel mein paisa.

FunnEarn Referral Code | FunnEarn App Download

How to Register with FunnEarn Referral Code:

  • Download FunnEarn Apk  by clicking here.
  • After downloading, install the FunnEarn apk.
  • Now Open the FunnEarn app and tap Sign up
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  • Enter your Name, Phone Number.
  • Now enter FunnEarn Referral code: UDUFTM
  • You will receive an OTP. Enter it to complete the registration.
  • You will receive 50 lives as a bonus for using the code.
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How to withdraw money from FunnEarn App?

  • First of all you have to verify the KYC details by submitting any valid id proof.
FunnEarn App Refer, FunnEarn Referral Code, FunnEarn Refer Code, FunnEarn App Download, FunnEarn Apk Download, FunnEarn apk, FunnEarn download
  • Now Go to Wallet
  • Then click on Withdraw
  • Now Enter your Paytm Number and Amount
  • Then Click on Continue.

Here we have given you a complete walk-through of the website and how to download funnearn apk. Feel free to comment below to share your love and doubts. You can play super easy and interesting games on FunnEarn and earn Real Money. And You can withdraw your earning via Paytm. So dont forget to use FunnEarn Referral Code :  UDUFTM and get 50 lives on sign up and lastly keep visiting Yourstrick. Because you find the best offers and tricks here.


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