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Best Ludo App & Ludo Earning App List

Top Ludo App List of 2020, See below in details

Top Ludo Games Apps Of 2021 , Best Ludo Apps To Earn Real Cash, Ludo King Apps Download, Top Ludo Games Rule :

Ludo games apps is one of the most popular games in India right now. People love to play Ludo Game online. Everyone know about the Ludo games. Since we are posting the all deals and loots on our this website. You should visit our website daily to earn Free Paytm Cash, to get the answers of Amazon Quiz Daily Contest and many more. In this blog we will discuss Top 10 Ludo Apps Of 2020. By the help of our blog you can play on the best ludo games.

Ludo Games

Are you Ludo lover? If yes, then this blog is for you. As we already know that there are much more Ludo Apps in market, and its difficult to choose and play on the best platform. But we will solve your problem, here we come with the top 10 Ludo Games of 2021, which are really popular in market and people’s love to play on these app.

Best Ludo Apps List

Ludo Games apps will provide you to play on the best platform. Some ludo apps having also the features of earning by playing the ludo like Fantasy Cricket. It’s mean you can earn by playing the ludo games of Best Ludo Apps To Earn Real Cash.

So in our list Best online Ludo Games App, we will include the both Earning App or Casual App. Furthermore you can download the Ludo Game. We will provide the all downloading apk link on every section of Ludo Gaming App.

List Of Top 10 Ludo Apps Of 2021

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What Is Ludo Games?

Ludo game consider as a one of the best indoor on board game. People loved to play on ludo apps on their extra times. Ludo can be played by 2 or 4 players where the players have to round their all tokens from the start to the finishing point according to the number that comes up when the dice is rolled. You have to finish your all Token before your competitors. But think to be noted is that, number on your dice will come randomly by your luck. So this game is interesting to play.

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How To Play Ludo Game & Ludo Rules ?

There are simple rule on ludo games, the step to play the ludo games are same on both, board or on app. But playing ludo games online is trending now, because all less time taken and you can also earn real cash by playing the online ludo games.

  • Firstly you have to chooses one of your favorite colors from red, blue, green, yellow and places the 4 pieces of that colour in there corresponding place.
  • Now, you can role your dice and players take turn by clockwise order.
  • You can move your token, according to your number comes on your dice.
  • Your number will come randomly. You will get extra chances when you will get Six (Chhaka) or when you cut your opponent token or when you complete your token round.
  • The player who complete firstly the all round of there’s token, will be consider as first winner

Best Ludo Games App In Video

Top Ludo Apps Of 2020 To Play & Earn

#1. Ludo King

Ludo King

Ludo king is one of the most popular and old ludo app. You can play on Ludo King with your friends and family to enjoy in your extra time. There is much more feature are available on ludo king apk. App is available in both platforms. Android as well as iOS version. There is no any Ludo King mod Apk. So here is Ludo King App Download link you can download and enjoy the real ludo experience.

Key Features Of Ludo King

  • Best experience with good interface.
  • Multiplayer and computer mode are available.
  • You can play in offline mode.
  • Create your own room and share it with your friends and family.
  • Daily signup rewards with Spin & Earn coins.
  • Different styles board are available.
  • Snakes & Ladders are games are also available on ludo king app.

Download Ludo King app Android iOS

  • #2. Ludo Superstar

Ludo superstar is one of the fastest growing ludo apps. More than 50M+ Download on playstore . If you want enjoy the ludo om different experience then you should go with Ludo Superstar. It is also available on both platforms and you will really love to play ludo superstar with there Unique interface. So Don’t wait and get the dice rolling and play on Ludo SuperStar.

Ludo Superstar

Key Features Of Ludo Superstar

  • Best and Unique dashboard to play.
  • Play with computer, or with local friends.
  • You will also get option to show safe cells which is represented by star icon.
  • Also the all rules are optional so you can play both international version.
  • Here you will also get option to get another turn on both dice number 1 and 6.
  • New modern design are available with wooden board.

Download Ludo Superstar app – Android | iOS

  • #3. Ludo Club

Every ludo lovers surly know about Ludo Club. Its is the growing app in ludo markets with more than 50M+ downloads. They update there app regularly. Also on Ludo Club you will get some extra features, which make it better than others. You can play this Ludo game with friends and family by sharing your link on Facebook and Whatsapp easily. This app is run on even in low data speed, it mean you will can play smoothly also in bad networks speed.

ludo club

Key Features Of Ludo Club

  • They have some unique features to make it better.
  • You can use power to boost your chances.
  • They run with even in bad network speed.
  • While playing, you can use Luck Card features.
  • Winning on Ludo Club is easy and good for beginners.

Download Ludo Club app – Android | iOS

  • #4. Ludo All Star

Ludo All Star

Ludo All Star game is best options to play the Ludo in online and offline mode. Ludo All Star ludoo game has come up with an interesting feature and twist that will make you a ludo Star of game. The best part of the app is Raid Mode, which make it inteeand better. Another surprise is that you can also, make new friends on ludo all star. So star making new friends and play with them.

Key Features Of Ludo all Star

  • Get regular & Arabic theme that make it interesting.
  • All modes are available here, Offline, Raid and classic.
  • Chat and make new friends while playing.
  • Undo your dice role and be a ludo star on your own luck.
  • Spin & Daily rewards are also available.

Download Ludo all Star app Android | iOS

  • #5. Ludo Talent

Download the Ludo Telnet app to play your favorite ludo game with exciting features. Ludo Talent is one of the best choice for beginners. More than 10M+ downloading in Android version. Also they will become the fastest growing ludo games. Game live feature is one of the best part on Ludo talent apk. you can watch other people playing ludo game lively, and give the suggestion, it’s interesting. So join the Ludo Talent by giving Link below.

Ludo Talent
  • All games modes are available here.
  • You can voice chat with your competitor.
  • Game live feature, be a part of the other live games and give your suggestions to the players.
  • Weakly task and chest rewards. You can avail free ludo chest in every 3 minutes.
  • Get Rewards daily on Ludo Talent app.

Download Ludo Talent app – Android

  • #6. Ludo Supreme Gold

Ludo Supreme Gold Referral Code24GJR3E

If you want to play on the newest launched with low competition then ludo supreme gold app is one of the best options to play. Earn Real Cash reward by playing on ludo supreme apk. It is the app of ludo game in which you can win real cash amount directly to your Paytm account instantly. Play on the ludo supreme gold if you want to earn real cash by playing the ludo games.

Ludo Supreme Gold

Key Features Of Ludo Supreme Gold

  • Good interface and easy to play.
  • Get free league to play and earn real money.
  • Earn Rs.15 on signup using Ludo Supreme Gold Referral Code – 24GJR3E
  • Also earn Rs.10 on each Referral.
  • Use your bonus amount to play ludo games and earn real cash.

Download Ludo Supreme Gold Apk Android

Checkout the full details of Ludo Supremeclick here.

  • #7. MPL Ludo

After get popularity on gaming platform, Mpl comes Ludo Games on there app. Ludo Premier League is become popular on Mpl platform. Every days lakh of people play Ludo games on the app and earn much more real cash. There are many league are available on it. You can choose the league in which you want to join and earn huge money on while playing ludo games on MPL.

MPL Ludo

Key Features Of Ludo Premier League

  • Easy to join on league.
  • League are always available to join on MPL App.
  • Win huge amounts by joining the league.
  • Join with your bonus to save your money.
  • MPL Pro Refer Code : WSTQ20

Download MPL Ludo ApkAndroid | iOS

  • #8. Ludo Cash

Play on Ludo Cash and earn unlimited free rewards and real cash. It is one of the oldest app of ludo apps to earn paytm cash and rewards. With more than 100K+ downloads. App is fast and secure and you can win easily on ludo cash apk. Moreover there’s many features that makes it excitement to play on this app.

Ludo Cash

Key Features Of Ludo Cash App

  • Get Rs.5 on signup to play the Ludo game.
  • There is always a cash league available.
  • Refer & Earn feature are also available.
  • Instant Paytm / UPI / Bank Withdraw

Download Ludo Cash Apk – Android

  • #9. Ludo League

Ludo League is a best choice to play the Ludo for earning purpose. You can earn unlimited real cash reward by playing the ludo game on ludo league. They having booster through which you can make the chance of winning high. You will also get Signup rewards when you sign-up with our Ludo League Referral Code – 9Q67DO. So don’t waste your time and download free ludo game now yo earn real cash.

Ludo League

Key Features Of Ludo League

  • There is many options of earning.
  • You can use booster to win.
  • Challenge online players to earn big amount.
  • Get Rs.10, when you sign up via our Ludo League Referral Code – 9Q67DO .
  • You can also earn by Refer your friends.

Download Ludo League Apk –  Android

  • #10. Ludo Empire

Ludo Empire is an another app in which you can play the ludo and earn real cash. But playing experience on ludo empire app is to unique and different. You will really enjoy to play the ludo on this app. Create your private room and play with your friends and family. So download and enjoy the ludo with earning on Ludo Empire.

Ludo Empire

Key Features Of Ludo Empire

  • Get Rs.10 Signup Bonus to play the cash game.
  • Create your own room to play with your know one.
  • You can also play the practice game to understand the rule
  • Challenges your friends features are also available here.
  • Ludo Empire Referral Code – aOiupJ33
  • Refer your friends to get Extra bonus on referral.

Download Ludo Empire Apk – Android

Is Playing Ludo Online Is Safe?

Yes, playing the ludo games online is safe and secured. Even everyone prefer to play the ludo on their mobile online. There is more benefits to play the ludo games on the apps. Firstly it is not time taking also every process is automatic. You only have to role your dice while your chance. Every player getting equal opportunity to earn.

The another benefit to playing ludo online game is you can earn Real Cash Reward. They make excitement double. There is many apps for ludo games but we make the top 10 Ludo games list with our research and experience.

Final Word

So guys, hope you get much more information about the Ludo games through our this blog. You can definitely play on any ludo app which are listed above. We make list of top ludo app of 2021 to earn real cash reward.

If you are really ludo lover then you can choose the ludo app from above list. And if you have experience in Ludo game then it’s great opportunity to earn free rewards and real cash money by playing ludo apps. If you have any query then comment below, we will solve your problem.


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